NYC Mayor’s Anti-Trump Hatred Closes Central Park Skating Rinks

300 Harlem youth hockey players have their season cut short after de Blasio prematurely eliminated city contracts with Trump Organization

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio destroyed a youth hockey league in Harlem mid-season after he told City Hall to cancel its contracts with the Trump Organization.

Sunday will mark the Trump Organization’s last day of operating the iconic Wollman Rink and the smaller Lasker Rink, both located in Central Park.

Thousands of New Yorkers and tourists flock to the rinks every year, in addition to the youth hockey leagues that play there.

The city contract and the youth hockey league season were set to end in April, but the Trump-deranged mayor expedited the cancelation to February 26 in a knee-jerk reaction to the January 6th Capitol riot.

The nonprofit organization Ice Hockey in Harlem has been helping over 300 children play hockey without charge for over 30 years.

Malik Garvin, the director of the group, joined Fox News on Sunday for an interview about the rink closures.

Garvin noted the importance of the hockey group amid COVID lockdowns, which have wreaked havoc on youth mental health and pushed many towards gangs, drugs and even suicide.

“It’s something that they all look forward to, and especially now, this is the one thing that they have. Right now, it’s the one thing that they have and it’s being taken away from them overnight,” he stated.

“I had to tell 300 kids and their parents, ‘That’s it, we’re done,’” Garvin fumed.

A 12-year-old hockey player who had her season cut short also joined the discussion to express her dissatisfaction about the decision.

“Ice Hockey in Harlem has given me lots of opportunities,” she explained, saying she doesn’t know “why they would choose to close the rink early.”

“My kids have been in this program for six years and we’re just one of hundreds of families that really enjoy this program and stuck with it,” the girl’s mother told Fox. “This is like Christmas for our kids.”

Why has the left allowed hatred for President Trump to cloud their judgment so badly that they make decisions directly antithetical to their public platforms?

Harlem, New York is 77% non-white, and if President Trump cut off over 300 children in the area from playing hockey it would be national news.

Where is the outrage from the left directed at de Blasio?

Donald Trump’s son Eric recently told The New York Post, “The city is saying in effect, ‘We don’t care if it destroys the skating season; we want you out now.’ This is one of the only things that kids can do” when it comes to winter activities.

“De Blasio is now shutting down skating season while New York dies. It’s horribly sad,” he added. “The mayor is absolutely petty. This isn’t about us, this is about the people of the city who come here to skate and disabled kids who joined hockey teams and others who joined skating school and take lessons every week.”

CBS 2 explained how “thousands of kids and families were left in the cold” due to the ice rink closures.

One young woman interviewed called the situation ” a nightmare” because she’s “stuck at home with nothing to do.”

The purely politically motivated move is sure to be unpopular with New York residents of all political affiliations already fed up with their mayor and governor.

In contrast, let’s take a flashback look at how the news treated Donald Trump in 1986 when he “accomplished in three and a half months what the city couldn’t do in six years” by reopening the Wollman Rink.

Alex Jones breaks down the latest call in the NY Times to abandon critical thinking in favor of the leftist cult programming.

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Cornelius Rupert T.
Cornelius Rupert T.