Watch: Quarantined ‘COVID Patients’ Wearing Garbage Bags Escorted From Australian Hotel

Dystopian scenes from another lockdown in Melbourne

‘COVID-positive patients’ wearing trash bags were escorted by authorities from a quarantine hotel onto a bus in Melbourne, Australia, according to reports.

Video footage shot by 9News Melbourne shows people covered in plastic garbage liners being transferred from a Holiday Inn to waiting transport under supervision of medical professionals and police officers.

All 31 employees and ‘guests – mostly non-Australian international travelers – had been quarantined in the “hot hotel” after testing positive for COVID but were moved to another hotel due to water damage in the building.

Authorities recently imposed another strict lockdown on the state of Victoria and suspended all international flights after a handful of COVID cases were allegedly detected at a hotel in Melbourne.

“This is the second lockdown caused by Victoria’s hotel quarantine system, it must not be as long and destructive as the last,” said Business Council Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott. “We must get hotel quarantine working properly.”

Despite the latest lockdown, the Australian Open tennis tournament has been allowed to proceed in Melbourne, albeit without spectators.

“Of the 909 COVID-related deaths in Australia, 820 were in the state of Victoria alone. Despite taking in three times fewer international travelers than the state of New South Wales, Victoria has had four times as many COVID cases,” Australian journalist and former police officer Evelyn Rae told Infowars.

“International travelers donning rubbish bags over their heads may be emblematic of the state’s garbage handling of the entire situation. And with premier Dan Andrews looking to extend the state of emergency powers for the remainder of the year, it doesn’t look like Victorians are returning to normalcy anytime soon.”

Across the globe the COVID hoax is unraveling as major governments cancel inoculation programs and illnesses and deaths trigger massive backlash.

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