Videos: Police Harass People For Walking, Sitting As Chief Admits ‘We’ve Had Enough, This Is Not Policeable’

“Police don’t want to police this”

Police in the UK were filmed harassing people on the streets and beaches again this past weekend merely for walking or sitting down.

An incident in London was captured as a woman remonstrated with cops after they attempted to stop her for getting a coffee near to where she lives.

The woman advised police that that should be concentrating on knife crime instead.

Police were patrolling London all weekend, interrogating and fining anyone they found to be sitting down for too long, or having strayed too far away from where they live:

Sky News Australia has clearly felt the tyranny of a WHO led Chinese style tyranny globalized model.

As some people attempted to go for a walk on a beach in Northumbria, police were there to check papers and ensure they hadn’t come from out of the immediate area:

At an anti-lockdown protest in Bishops Park in London, police made arrests, including aggressively apprehending a woman who refused to ‘show her papers’:

It has become a familiar site in the UK and has been going on for months, yet even police themselves are sick of it.

“Police don’t want to police this. We have had enough of this. It is not policeable. It is not manageable,” Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation told The Telegraph Sunday.

Marsh added that police do not want to put themselves at risk when they have to break distancing restrictions to question and arrest people over lockdown rules.

“We have to break Covid legislation every day of the week,” he said, adding “What if I turn round and say to my 32,000 members: ‘Adhere totally to Covid legislation.’”

“That is not what we want, but if we have to do that to protect my colleagues I will do that. Ministers are just not listening,” March urged.

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