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Time is running out to enter the Infowars $10,000 “Covid Murdering Logic” Contest!

The goal of the contest is to make a comedy skit based off comedian Gabriel Rossi’s viral video, which lampoons the globalist vaccine agenda, seen here:


Conversations in 2021 ##foryou ##fyp ##follow ##comedy ##gabrielrossi ##xyzbca ##aftermycoffee

♬ Pop Goes the Weasel – Mother Goose Club

Guess what? We have contest submissions from the man himself!

Gabriel Rossi Entry #2

Can you beat Mr. Rossi’s entries and all of the contestants below and win $10,000?

Send us your submissions!

Upload your video skit to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, BitChute, Instagram, Rumble, TikTok or other online video hosting service (Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc). and send to [email protected]! The more the merrier.

The deadline to enter this contest is Monday, July 26, at 11AM CT. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 27, at 1:30PM CT.

Check out our latest round of submissions and review the rules below!

• Nick Jensen – Entry #1

Entry #2

• NJEG Media


Carrie meets Karen. Infowars contest entry. Alex Jones was right.

♬ original sound – music.newyork

See this entry on Twitter

• @publicenemy1999 – Entry #1

@publicenemy1999 MARINA ABRAMOVIC OFFERED ME THE COVID 19 “VACCINE” AND IT WAS HIDEOUS! #Vaccine #Covid19 #MarinaAbramovic #SpiritCooking #Satan

♬ original sound – PublicEnemy1999

Entry #2


I WAS HAVING DINNER WHEN A BLM ACTIVIST OFFERED ME A “VACCINE” AND IT WAS HIDEOUS! #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeSoros #5G #Violence #burningandlooting

♬ original sound – PublicEnemy1999

• kick in the eye

Watch more entries here!

Read and follow the rules below!

One lucky winner with the best, funniest video, to be chosen by Alex Jones, will receive a $10,000 Grand Prize.

Submissions should be in the spirit of comedian Gabriel Rossi’s clever short video that laid bare the inconsistencies of the pro-jab propaganda.

Contest entries DO NOT have to be exact carbon copies of Rossi’s video, or use the same script.

In order to qualify, the URL FreeWorldNews.TV must be visible in your contest entry.

Upload your submissions to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, BitChute, Rumble, or Instagram. The more the merrier.

Send us your submissions at [email protected]

The deadline for submissions is Monday, July 26, at 11AM CT.

The winner for the contest will be announced on Tuesday, July 27, at 1:30PM CT.

REMEMBER – All contest entries must follow local laws – we do not accept responsibility for any criminal behavior, or lawlessness.

Stay tuned for the winner and good luck!

Watch Alex Jones announce Infowars’ “Covid-19 Murdering Logic” contest!

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