D-List Celebrity Michael Rapaport Triggered After Being Featured on Banned.Video – NewsWars

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Liberal actor Michael Rapaport, who recently filmed his confused reaction at being designated a vaccinated Covid-19 super-spreader, was recently dismayed to be featured in an Infowars report.

On Thursday, Rapaport filmed himself cursing at a Banned.video thumbnail from The American Journal, headlined, “Vaccine Related Dementia.”

See the video here:

On Wednesday, the far-left liberal actor posted a TikTok admitting he’d just watched medical pundits now say vaccinated people can transmit Covid.

“A couple weeks ago, a couple days ago, I was – yes I’m vaccinated, ‘Yay, I’m vaccinated! Be a hero! Be vaccinated!’ I went from being a hero because I’m vaccinated and now you motherfuckers are calling me a super-spreader? I ain’t no fuckin’ super spreader!” Rapaport complained.

Just weeks before that, Rapaport was promoting the vaccine and calling everyone stupid for not getting vaccinated.

Of course, despite being proven an idiot, Rapaport won’t admit he or the medical establishment are wrong to push an experimental vaccine onto the public.


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