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Stringent face mask rules are going back into effect on Saturday at midnight, Los Angeles County health officials declared Thursday.

The new rules require both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents to wear face masks while inside indoor public spaces.

“According to officials, exceptions will apply similar to masking requirements in place prior to June 15,” reports CBS Los Angeles.

County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis claimed the authoritarian rules are a response to an uptick in Covid cases.

“We’re not where we need to be for the millions at risk of infection here in Los Angeles County, and waiting to do something will be too late given what we’re seeing now,” Davis said.

“This is an all hands on deck moment…We’re seeing the rates go up too high. We all need to do our part to try and prevent the need to do something else.”

When asked whether further lockdown restrictions could be coming down the pike, Davis answered affirmatively.

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“Everything is on the table if things continue to get worse. The next level is ‘High Transmission,’ and that’s not a place that we want be. We can’t wait for this to go higher before we act,” he said.

The health official did not give an end date for the new rules, saying rather that they will be “in place until we begin to see improvements.” 

“Anything is on the table if things continue to get worse, which is why we want to take action now,” Davis said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The reinstated mask rules come as many fully-vaccinated people are experiencing breakthrough cases of Covid, with the mainstream media promoting the Delta variant outbreak as the next great threat to humanity.

With Los Angeles re-imposing their mask rules it’s only a matter of time before the rest of California follows suit, as the globalists seem poised to reinstitute another global lockdown.

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