Massive Group of 300+ Migrants Demands Entry to US — Border Patrol Let’s Them In! – NewsWars

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Footage from the South Texas border shows a throng of migrants being confronted by Border Patrol agents as they attempting to illegally infiltrate the United States.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin was on the scene in Del Rio, Texas, Monday, where he witnessed military-aged male migrants attempting entry as agents let families, including women and children through.

“Some migrant families being let through, but adult men try to force their way through the gate. BP and troopers have to yell at them to get back,” Melugin reported.

Later, it appears Border Patrol agents relent and let everyone pass through the border gate.

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According to Melugin, one CBP officer said the group was the largest ever seen in Del Rio, and that Border Patrol agents were grateful for the extra help from Texas, Florida and Nebraska state troopers.

Despite the additional manpower, however, Melugin says almost every person at the gate was allowed to enter.

What’s the point in getting additional help to secure the border if you’re not going to “secure the border”?

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