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A recent survey which found 68 percent of India’s scarcely-vaccinated population have Covid-19 antibodies blows holes in the global pro-vaccination narrative being pushed in the West.

On Wednesday, The Guardian covered the results of the Indian Council of Medical Research’s national seroprevalence survey:

India’s fourth national sero-survey, which examines the prevalence of Covid-19 antibodies either through infection or vaccination, found that 67.6% of the population of more than 1.3 billion has coronavirus antibodies.

The Guardian noted that “Of those surveyed, 62.2% had not been vaccinated, 24.8% had taken one dose and 13% were fully vaccinated.”

According to Google stats, last updated Tuesday, only 6.4% of the country’s been fully vaccinated.

The Economic Times of India noted the survey included children six years of age and up.

The survey’s findings prompted social media speculation that India has reached herd immunity, even as 87 to 93 percent have not been fully vaccinated.

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Graphs charting new Indian Covid-19 cases into July 2021 show a sharp decline in cases in recent weeks even as the Delta variant looms and vaccination rates remain low.

Despite the survey pointing to the population developing herd immunity, Indian media and government propagandists desperate to cling to the global pro-vaccination narrative claimed instead more vaccination, mask wearing and testing were still the keys to defeat Covid.

The survey’s results blast holes in the hard-sell vaccine push being seen in the West, as the United States, the UK and other countries pledge to hunt down unvaccinated dissenters.

Indeed, unvaccinated Americans are being told they’re the reason the illness is still spreading, even as close to 60% have received one dose and roughly 50% of the US population have been fully vaccinated.

The new data absolutely casts doubt on the efficacy and even the necessity of a vaccine, and adds fuel to the notion the vaccines aren’t the only way to get out from under the Covid crisis.

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