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Infowars host Owen Shroyer of the War Room announced during Friday’s broadcast that the US attorney’s office in Washington D.C. is charging him with illegally entering a restricted area on the Capitol grounds and disorderly conduct during the January 6th rally.

The criminal complaint, filed by the FBI Washington Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, alleges Shroyer violated a February 2020 deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) from when he was charged for interrupting a House Judiciary Committee meeting on December 9, 2019.

According to the DPA, Shroyer wasn’t allowed to engage in disruptive conduct at any place upon U.S. Capitol Grounds with intent to disturb a session of Congress or any other capitol hearings.

Even a screenshot of Shroyer in D.C. from January 6th that the agent used in the criminal complaint is labeled, “Video: Alex Jones Tried To Stop Storming Of DC Capitol.”

So, this would constitute the War Room host trying to stop “disruptive conduct at the Capitol Grounds” not “engaging” in that behavior.

Shroyer was also not allowed to parade or demonstrate “within” any of the Capitol Buildings.

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No footage or images place Owen “within” any Capitol Buildings that day.

It does appear as if the complaint is attempting to widen the definition of “United States Capitol Grounds” to include the steps Shroyer stood on.

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