How Americans are rescuing people Biden left behind in Afghanistan

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(THE FEDERALIST) – The United States’ longest war is over, but the battle for Afghan-Americans to recover their families is just beginning.

Henry, an Afghan-American translator, is just one of the many people still dealing with the fallout of the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal operations. After the last group of U.S. military took flight from Afghanistan to meet the president’s August 31 deadline, hundreds of Americans and Afghan allies who assisted the U.S.’s decades-long occupation in Afghanistan were left behind, including Henry’s wife, brother, and children as young as three years old.

Henry, who received his U.S. citizenship in 2020 after spending time in the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa program, lives and works in the United States, so when the Taliban advanced into Kabul and the Afghan government fled in mid-August, his first priority was getting his family, who was still tied up trying to enter the U.S. immigration process, out of the Middle East country and to safety with him.

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