Miami Football Fans Rescue A Falling Cat In Crazy Viral Video

Fans at the Miami/Appalachian State game rescued a cat in epic fashion.

In a video tweeted by @DannyWQAM, a cat was hanging off what looked like a wire at Hard Rock Stadium, and fans rushed to get underneath it. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Using some quick thinking, the fans used an American flag as a makeshift way to brace the cat’s fall. Once it dropped, the fans miraculously saved it.

Watch the awesome video below.

That’s hands down one of the coolest things we’ve seen through the first two weeks of the college football season, and it had nothing to do with what was happening on the field!

Some fans saw a cat in serious trouble, they put their brains together and they found a way to save it.

Literally everything about the clip was perfect. The cat captivated the stadium, the fans showed no hesitation to jump in and help and an American flag was used to save the animal.

What more could you possibly ask for when it comes to viral clips?

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