Cornelius Rupert T.

Biden Border Rush Has Begun

The number of migrants and asylum seekers attempting to enter the United States is increasing rapidly as foreign nationals anticipate the possibility of Joe Biden administration.Apprehensions, deportations, and drug seizures at the southern border are on the rise, due in part to “perceived and or anticipated shifts in policies,” according to acting Customs and Border […]

Money Is Not Wealth

When governments started locking down the economy in response to coronavirus, the Federal Reserve sprung into action. First, it slashed interest rates to zero. Then it quickly launched what we’ve dubbed QE infinity. In effect, that meant printing trillions of dollars out of thin air and pumping them into the economy. Meanwhile, the US government did […]

How the Fed Feeds the Boom-Bust Cycle

The central bankers at the Federal Reserve can be pretty clueless. A report issued by the Fed a few weeks ago serves as a prime example.The report was full of dire warnings. It expressed concern about “overvalued asset prices.” Yes, the Fed actually warned us about the stock market bubble. The report also said we should be […]