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How Kept Me Sane in 2020

This past year may well have been the greatest and most heroic for  It was a real separating-the-men-from-the-boys (or the-women-from-the-girls) moment.  While so many of the D.C. “libertarians” and others in the Koch Foundation orbit were lecturing us about why we must obey the masking and lockdown mandates of mini-Mussolinies far and wide, from […]

Economist: The Bond Market Is Rigged!

You may have noticed that the financial media has started talking about inflation. But by and large, it’s not a warning. It’s reassurance. Many analysts are dismissive of any concerns raised about inflationary pressure. They often claim the bond market isn’t signaling inflation. But as Peter Schiff points out in a clip from a recent podcast, […]

NFL Coach Rejects Medal of Freedom From Trump

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has announced he will not accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom, citing his pride in pursuing ‘social justice’ causes and dismay over chaotic events which unfolded in Washington D.C. last week.After news broke that President Trump intended to present the award to his longtime friend later this week, […]