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Seven Handed Over To Judge In Terror Probe Of Beheaded French Teacher

Seven people, including two minors, were brought before a judge on Wednesday as part of an ongoing judicial investigation into last week’s grisly murder of French teacher Samuel Paty, an official from the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office told Reuters.Paty was brutally decapitated by an 18-year-old Chechen assailant (who was shot dead by police) outside his workplace on […]

Western Countries Adopting China’s Red/Yellow/Green Health Pass System As Globalist Shills Turn US Into China

With ZERO deaths yesterday and only 1,283 “positive tests,” the entire country of Ireland is being locked down “for 6 weeks” with travel limited to 3 miles. The lockdown comes with a travel pass app identical to China’s and will transition to a vaccine travel pass. Australia, Ireland and Wales are the countries the passport […]

VIDEO: Antifa Members Conduct Occult Ritual in Boston Streets, Eat Bloody Heart Symbolic of Trump

AntiFa radicals conducted what can only be described as an occult-style ritual on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts this weekend as members of the group burned American flags and ate a bloody heart symbolic of President Trump while countering a protest against left-wing political violence also held in the city.Video of the bizarre scene posted […]

Minneapolis Residents Suing City Over Lack of Police Patrols as Crime Skyrockets

Residents of Minneapolis have reportedly filed a lawsuit against the city alleging police patrols have fallen below required minimums amid a historic surge in crime.Increases in carjackings, murders, and other violent crime have come after Minneapolis officials announced plans to “dismantle” the police department in the wake of ‘George Floyd’ riots that rocked the city […]