Hidden Cameras Use AI to Monitor Phone Use

Australia has announced the roll-out of an artificial intelligence system which analyzes images of vehicles to detect illicit use of cell phones by drivers. The state of New South Wales (NSW) revealed a pilot program had checked 8.5 million vehicles between January and June of 2019, finding that over 100,000 drivers had allegedly violated mobile […]

DARPA Building “Common Sense” Into AI

Coding “common sense” into artificial intelligence systems is currently a major goal for DARPA. Interestingly, this objective is best described by getting AI to respond to new situations the way a human would, said the agency’s Defense Sciences Office director Valerie Browning to Nextgov. “There’s a certain ability to recognize new situations, behave appropriately in […]

Google’s Schmidt to Lead Gov AI Group

The former chief executive of Google has been selected to lead America’s National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Eric Schmidt will provide his expertise on AI issues pertaining to national security, according to former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who will also serve as the vice chair of the commission. “Artificial intelligence will have an […]