Watch: Reporter Confronts Group of ‘Haitian’ Migrants Crossing Mexico-Guatemala Border

Groups of illegals hoping to reach the U.S. continue to gather at Mexico’s southern border in the days following heavy clashes between Mexican authorities and a massive ‘migrant caravan.’“This is the new hotspot,” journalist Josh Friedman told Infowars in an exclusive interview. “The battle has shifted from the U.S.-Mexico border to Mexico-Guatemala border.”Friedman has been […]

Mexico Thwarts US-Bound Migrant Caravan

A group of 2,000 migrants bound for the U.S. border was blocked and apprehended by Mexican authorities in the latest move indicating Mexico is delivering on promises to help defend North America from mass migration.A large group of migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America had begun a journey from Tapachula, which lies on […]

Malkin: Migrant Caravan Organizers “Should Be Prosecuted”

Activist groups encouraging and organizing illegal mass migration to the United States should be prosecuted, says journalist and author Michelle Malkin. Malkin addressed reports that migrants who participated in recent ‘caravans’ trekking from Central America to the US border are now accusing ‘immigrant rights’ NGOs such as Pueblo Sin Fronteras of recklessly endangering thousands of […]