Watch: Greta Thunberg Crumbles Without Script When Asked Simple Questions by Reporter

Greta Thunberg and fellow child activists seemed to run short on words after exhausting talking points at a recent press conference in New York City. Thunberg, along with 15 other “child petitioners,” were assembled at the Headquarters of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to announce a “landmark complaint to the United Nations Committee on […]

Church Choirs Singing ‘Climate Change’ Christmas Carols

Church choirs are performing Christmas carols with lyrics rewritten by climate change activists. The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, a “multi-faith network committed to action,” has released a “Christmas Carols Against Coal” songbook featuring a ‘reimagined’ collection of well-known Christmas carols, many of which are considered holy Christian hymns. A video posted by the […]