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Biden ‘Fueling Next Illegal Immigration Crisis’ by Halting Border Wall Project, CBP Chief Warns

The Biden administration is already fueling a new migration catastrophe by stopping construction of the border wall, former Customs and Border Protection chief Mark Morgan has warned.Morgan, who served as chief of Border Patrol under President Obama and most recently as acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection in the Trump administration, blasted President Biden […]

Israel’s Fauci Warns Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Only Half as Effective as Advertised

As we first pointed out on Wednesday, Israel – which has been leading the world in the race to vaccinate its entire (relatively small) population – is quickly learning that Pfizer’s COVID-19 jabs aren’t nearly as effective as the 95% efficacy rate advertised via the Phase 3 trial results released by the company and the FDA.[This chart], first shared […]