Berkeley to Replace ‘Manhole,’ Other Gender-Specific Language in City Code

City councilors in Berkeley, California, have approved changes to the municipal code which will see “gender preferential language,” such as ‘manhole’ and ‘patrolmen,’ replaced with “gender neutral” terms. City Councilman Rigel Robinson, a 23-year-old who recently graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, co-sponsored the ordinance. “According to Code Publishing Company, the Berkeley Municipal […]

Airlines Adding Booking Options For ‘Non-Binary’ Genders

Airlines will soon be adding booking options for customers who identify with genders other than male or female, including “unspecified” or “undisclosed.” Airlines for America (A4A) shared the details of a new international standard for ‘non-binary’ passengers with CNN Travel. “U.S. airlines value a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and for […]

University Unveils ‘All Gender’ Bathrooms

An Australian university has unveiled ‘all gender’ bathrooms to the replace less inclusive ‘unisex’ restrooms. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) changed the designation of some unisex bathrooms in a move to “recognize gender diversity” and make “all individuals feel welcome and safe” on campus. “Some people within our community don’t identify with traditional binary […]

Supermarket Mother-Child Parking Symbol Now ‘Gender Neutral’

A UK supermarket has altered logos on parking spaces for mothers with small children to meet ‘gender neutrality’ criteria, British media reports. Aldi grocery store in Dunstable, England, has removed the dress from ‘mother-child’ parking space emblems, in order to promote inclusivity for parents of all ‘sexual orientations.’ A Facebook post and accompanying photo shared […]