Hidden Cameras Use AI to Monitor Phone Use

Australia has announced the roll-out of an artificial intelligence system which analyzes images of vehicles to detect illicit use of cell phones by drivers. The state of New South Wales (NSW) revealed a pilot program had checked 8.5 million vehicles between January and June of 2019, finding that over 100,000 drivers had allegedly violated mobile […]

“Unabashed Nationalist” Politician Demands More Control Over Immigration, Cultural Preservation

Quebec Premier François Legault is demanding more control over “immigration, language, and tax collection” in his province, and “pushing hard for more power on an agenda of cultural preservation for Quebec’s francophone majority,” according to The Globe and Mail. Legault, a “former separatist” and “unabashed nationalist,” also recently ordered federal officials to refrain “forever” from […]

Maine Homeless Left in Cold as Officials Scramble to House ‘Asylum Seekers’

Thousands of homeless and destitute Maine residents are being brushed aside as officials scramble to instead accommodate ‘asylum seekers’ who have recently arrived in the state from points around the globe. Dozens of homeless Mainers, including veterans and families with children, expressed their frustrations to local CBS affiliate WGME, however most reportedly refused to go […]