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US Military Pulls Last Troops Out of Somalia

The United States military has completed withdrawing troops from Somalia, according to the U.S. Africa Command.      AFRICOM spokesperson Colonel Christopher P. Karns confirmed to VOA Somali that the repositioning of the troops was completed ahead of the deadline in a presidential directive last December ordering the troop removal by mid-January.    The number of U.S. […]

Migrant Caravan in Guatemala Pushes Through Border from Honduras — Heading to U.S.A.

Guatemalan officials report that approximately 6,500 migrants are on the move from Honduras. The migrants began pushing through the Guatemalan southern border. Their ultimate destination — U.S.A.Guatemala’s immigration spokesman Alejandra Mena told Reuters that there were approximately 6,500 Honduran migrants on the move. Thousands crossed the country’s southern border on Saturday with an ultimate announced destination of the […]

Pompeo Accuses Iran Of Aiding & Abetting Al-Qaeda

On Tuesday the Trump administration is expected to once again go on the anti-Iran offensive a day after on Monday it declared its intent to label Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels a designated terrorist organization.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will accuse Iran of aiding and sheltering top al-Qaeda terrorists in an anticipated speech on Tuesday, Reuters reports. “With just eight days […]

Singapore Police Access COVID Tracing App Data For Criminal Investigations

In another instance where conspiracy theory becomes fact, a coronavirus tracing app in Singapore can now be used by the police to track citizens for criminal investigations, according to Channel News Asia. In June, Singapore rolled out a mandatory COVID-19 tracing program that would identify people who had come in contact with virus carriers. The private data is managed by the […]