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China “Steps Up War Preparations” With Hypersonic Missile Deployment Near Taiwan

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has reportedly deployed hypersonic missiles across from Taiwan, Hong Kong media reported on Sunday, sparking concern about war preparations. The South China Morning Post, citing anonymous military observers and sources, said missile bases along Southeast China were “upgraded” with Dongfeng-17 (DF-17) hypersonic missiles.  “The DF-17 hypersonic missile will gradually replace the old […]

South Korean’s Medical Association Urges Gov’t To Suspend Flu Shot Program After 25 Die

The Korean Medical Association has called on the country’s government to halt its plan to inoculate millions of citizens after more than two dozen people died after receiving flu shots.The vaccine initiative, billed as a strategy to potentially offset complications from Covid-19, aims to provide free flu jabs to 19 million people. But the ambitious […]

Seven Handed Over To Judge In Terror Probe Of Beheaded French Teacher

Seven people, including two minors, were brought before a judge on Wednesday as part of an ongoing judicial investigation into last week’s grisly murder of French teacher Samuel Paty, an official from the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office told Reuters.Paty was brutally decapitated by an 18-year-old Chechen assailant (who was shot dead by police) outside his workplace on […]